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  Youcraft update #patch 4
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-07-2022, 01:21 PM - Forum: Servers - No Replies

We have added ChestPlusPlus to the YouCraftSMP

[Image: f35755ea342c742c9a8ce00f8c3fc8f099293f65...382e706e67]

  • Ability to link multiple chests together across the entire server to be accessed from anywhere!
  • Use Hoppers to filter items from chests using hoppers!
  • Setup Auto-Crafting Tables to automatically craft items from the inventory above!
  • Silk Touch can pick up ChestLinks and AutoCraft stations!
  • Displays the most common item in a chest on the front of it!
  • Build cool auto smelting/sorting systems!
  • Remotely open chests with a nice menu system!
[b]How to Create Linked Chests:[/b]

  1. Add a Chest using /chestlink add <group> or simply write the ChestLink format on a sign placed on a Chest! [Image: 591092298d1e141305717f660d38599d55b2484b...d67fb9.png]
  2. Open a chest as you normally would! or use /chestlink open or /chestlink menu to open the chest remotely!
  3. Each chest that gets added to that group will share the same inventory with all other chests in that group!
Note the /chestlink command can be replaced with /cl for convenience.
[b]How to Create Auto-Crafting Stations:[/b]
  • Add a Crafting Table using /autocraft add <group> or simply write the AutoCraft format on a sign placed on a Crafting Table!
[Image: 20db46f380c374bf40ecbadb41a82d295e7416f3...TeUOvX.png]
  • Open the Crafting Table and create your recipe (This requires at least one of each item and it won't use that item up!)
  • Once you have a valid recipe the table will notify you with a chime, at this point if the recipe has different variations such as wood type they will start to animate in the crafting grid.
  • To start crafting, a Chest (or any block with a valid inventory such as Furnaces, Barrels, Shulker Boxes, Hoppers etc) must be placed either on top or on any of the 3 sides not including the front.
  • Next, place a hopper underneath the Crafting Table and AutoCrafting will start automatically.
  • Alternatively, place a Chest or any other inventory block underneath the Crafting Table and apply a redstone signal to it.

[b]Torch AutoCraft Example:[/b]

The following configurations work to AutoCraft torches with either a Hopper, or a chest underneath! [Image: 623f06b542f13a8684d3c2e87b2b88b7fbb78a88...pgNWLy.png]
[b]Hopper Filters[/b]
  • Hoppers can have filters applied to them so that they only accepted or reject certain items.
  • To add a filter to a Hopper you simply place an item frame on top or on any of its sides, and then place the item you would like to filter in it.
  • Currently there are four types of filters that can be enabled by rotating the item in the Item Frame.
    1. 0° Default - The Hopper will only accept this item. (Note multiple filters can be used on a hopper.)
    2. 45° Rejection Mode - The Hopper will prevent this item from being accepted but will accept other items.
    3. 90° Type-Acceptance - The Hopper will accept items that are of the same type, e.g Enchanted Books, Enchanted weapons, Potions etc.
    4. 135° Type-Rejection - The Hopper will reject all items that would normally be accepted in the filter above, so similar types are rejected.
    [Image: cb78bb753a55d5cda93f269c5cb1dc772d47f21b...U1rlxq.png]
Example Sorting System:

[Image: 2af360ef73117a7a8455c6dc0759343a51ea9d6e...NlMOiO.png]

Sorting Multiple Items:

[Image: dd9790c3ce65d9bde10fdd0be7b7e7c792ae7161...iEZ6ic.png]

Inventory Menu:

[Image: 353d44997d92c8822ea4863a71e579fa50c5e306...tpFBYm.png]

ChestLink Commands - [b]/chestlink or /cl are accepted.[/b]
  • /chestlink add "Create/add a chest to a ChestLink group"

  • /chestlink remove "Delete a ChestLink and drop its inventory at your feet!"

  • /chestlink open "Open the inventory of a ChestLink group"

  • /chestlink menu "Open the ChestLink menu to display all groups!"

  • /chestlink help "List of commands and their uses!"

  • /chestlink list "Lists all ChestLinks that you own!"

  • /chestlink member [add/remove ] or
    • "Add, remove or list members of a group"
    • /chestlink member [add-to-all/remove-from-all] "Add/Remove a player to all of your ChestLinks"

    • /chestlink setpublic <true/false> "Set a ChestLink to be accessible by anyone."

    • /chestlink rename "Rename a ChestLink."

    • /chestlink sort "Set the sorting option for the given ChestLink."
    AutoCraft Commands - [b]/autocraft or /ac are accepted.[/b]
    • /autocraft add "Create/add a Crafting Table to an AutoCraft group"

    • /autocraft remove "Delete an AutoCraft group and drop all the Crafting Tables!"

    • /autocraft open "Open the workbench of an AutoCraft group"

    • /autocraft help "List of commands and their uses!"

    • /autocraft list "Lists all AutoCraft groups that you own!"

    • /autocraft member [add/remove ] or
      • "Add, remove or list members of a group"
      • /autocraft member [add-to-all/remove-from-all] "Add/Remove a player to all of your AutoCraft groups"

      • /autocraft setpublic <true/false> "Set an AutoCraft group to be accessible by anyone."

      • /autocraft rename ""Rename an AutoCraft group."

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  Youcraft update #patch 3
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-06-2022, 04:58 PM - Forum: Servers - No Replies

Dear users ,

We have Added MCMMO to YouCraft server , for those not knowing what it is : see :


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  Youcraft update #patch 2
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-06-2022, 09:12 AM - Forum: Servers - No Replies

Dear Yousmp users ,

Ive added unbreakable anvils to be placed at hub locations on youcraft , There is one at the end hub. Please contact unimatrix999 with the location & reason for an unbreakable anvil.

With regards ,


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Exclamation Youcraft update #patch 1
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-05-2022, 12:41 PM - Forum: Servers - No Replies

Dear yousmp users ,

We have added two plugins to YouCraft, namely Stargate & Infernal mobs.

Stargate :

You create a standard nether portal but do not light it, Add a sign to the right hand sign :

   O  O - These are Obsidian blocks (use Sea Lanterns if underwater). You need 10.
   ■  ■ - Place a sign on either of these two blocks with the format shown in Sign Layout.
   O  O

Sign Layout

Line One: Gate Name
What this gate will be called.
  • Has a limit of 12 Characters.

Line Two: Destination Name [OPTIONAL]
Where you gate goes.
  • Has a limit of 12 Characters.
  • If Provided:
    • The Gate Name of the portal you intend on traveling to.
    • Has a limit of 12 Characters.
  • If Omitted
    • The gate will become a Networked Gate that can be used (through a GUI) to access any (accessible) gate within the network on which it was created.

Line Three: Network Name [OPTIONAL]
The group of portals this gate belongs to.
  • Has a limit of 12 Characters
  • If Provided:
    • Defines the network the portal operates on, which implies the following.
      • This gate can only be used as a destination (fixed portals) if the paired portal is on the same network.
      • This gate will (by default) appear on any networked or random portals using the same network.
      • If this gate is a networked or random portal, it will be able to access any portal on the provided network.
  • If Omitted:
    • Functions in a similar way as provided, but substitutes the network with either:
      • If the created user has permission to use the default network (by default central), it will be used.
      • Else, if the user has permission to use a personal network, (their username), that will be used.
      • Else, if none of the above options are available, creating the gate will be denied.

Line Four: Option Flags [OPTIONAL]
Any unique properties of this portal; notwithstanding restrictions (to be mentioned), any combination of the following flags is acceptable (including no flags):
  • a Always-on gate (the gate is always on)
    • Must have a fixed destination
    • By default, do not appear on the network list.
  • h Hidden gate (the gate isn't accessible to its network)
  • p Private gate (only certain players can use this gate)
  • f Free gate (any defined costs do not apply)
  • b Backwards gate (you exit from the back)
  • s Showing gate (the gate shows on the network list).
    • Only applies to Always-on gates.
  • r Random gate (a networked gate that chooses a destination at random).
    • Must be always-on (strictly speaking, this is a subtype of always-on-networked gate).
  • u Marks gate as cross-server (bungee)
    • Will connect to gates on the same network but on a different (connected) server.

Infernal mobs :

Infernal mobs will spawn all around the server , they will have a boss bar and should be avoided if you do not have the gear to fight them.

[Image: 58f4548f0ad8bc5470078bc8e60cbe41f536f508...HAAk66.png]

Divining Rod:

[Image: 3fa2a44be70173c7121fafcce5c44a10d6019bc8...Lt9mF1.png]

The divining rod can be used when you are near an infernal mob.
It will take a blaze powder, then point you in the direction of the nearest mob. It will show you a line of particles pointed at the mob.
This rod only works if you are near one of the mobs.

  • Poisonous: Gives player the poison effect.
  • Armoured: Give mobs full diamond armour or a resistance effect.
  • Blinding: Gives player the blindness effect.
  • Withering: Gives player the withering effect.
  • Tosser: Tosses the player around.
  • Thief: Steals the item the player is holding.
  • Quicksand: Gives player the slowness effect.
  • Bullwark: Takes less damage.
  • Rust: Damages the tool the player is holding.
  • Sapper: Gives player the hunger effect.
  • 1up: Has 2 lives.
  • Cloaked: Is invisible.
  • Ender: Can teleport.
  • Ghastly: Shoots fireballs.
  • Lifesteal: Gets health from damaging player.
  • Sprint: Can go fast.
  • Storm: Strikes the player with lightning.
  • Webber: Makes a web at the players feet.
  • Vengeance: Gives damage from being hit.
  • Weakness: Gives player the weakness effect.
  • Berserk: Damages the player more, but takes damage from attacking.
  • Explode: Explodes on death.
  • Potions: Throws harmful potions at the player.
  • Mama: Has a slim chance to spawn three babies of its type.
  • Molten: Is immune to fire/lava, starts a fire on death and lights the player on fie.
  • Archer: Randomly shoots a volley of arrows at player.
  • Necromancer: Shoots wither skulls.
  • Firework: Fireworks explode from mob when hit.
  • Gravity: Levitates the player for a while.
  • Flying: Mob can fly.
  • Mounted: Riding on another mob.
  • Morph: Can infrequently morph into another infernal mob.
  • Ghost: On death a ghost is spawned.
  • Confusing: Gives player the confusion effect.

with regards ,


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  New Proxy servers
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-05-2022, 11:57 AM - Forum: Servers - No Replies

Dear YouSMP members ,

Although we started off with servers only based in germany we had our american friends suffer bad ping and certain lag over the months. Adding american based servers aided a bit but didnt solve the issue. As users connect trough our proxy. This had the effect a user was connecting to our main proxy in europe to be forwarded to the game servers regardless if they were in europe or usa. So we added a new proxy server for our american friends, you may see the new structure below so you may understand the network you play on bette : Proxy for europe and the rest of the world : Proxy for Northern America ( USA/Canada)

With regards ,

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  Looking for streamers
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-02-2022, 11:48 AM - Forum: Community & events - No Replies

YouSmp is looking for streamers to call the network their home.

A viewer smp , or a streamer smp can be arrainged as we have a box that is not beeing used at this moment. Feel free to join our discord and have a chat to see if we can partner up.

With regards ,


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  Ruger viewer SMP
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-02-2022, 11:38 AM - Forum: Servers - No Replies

Dear YouSMP users,

Ruger viewer smp has been delinked from the yousmp network. This to protect ruger's viewer SMP from the drama caused by some users. Ruger's Viewer smp & YouSMP will not longer be sharing the same banlist nor staff. The server will still be maintained & updated by the YouSMP staff team and will help with its moderation if needed.

The ip of the ruger SMP server is : , this is for bedrock & java players

With regards ,


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  YouCraft V2
Posted by: unimatrix999 - 02-02-2022, 11:34 AM - Forum: Servers - Replies (14)

Dear YouSMP user,

We have replaced remnants with YouCraft V2 , This is a whitelisted server for players & staff of YouSMP network to play on. Anyone can request to be whitelisted but priority will be given to long time YouSMP members & streamers.

The gamemode will be survival and i plan to expand the server with InfernalMobs which will add another level of difficulty to the gamemode. Once this is done we will activate the life system and the plan is you need to slay an infernal mob to gain life or liveparts. More information about this as it is beeing developped.

You can request a whitelist on our discord server.

With regards ,


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