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YouCraft V2 - unimatrix999 - 02-02-2022

Dear YouSMP user,

We have replaced remnants with YouCraft V2 , This is a whitelisted server for players & staff of YouSMP network to play on. Anyone can request to be whitelisted but priority will be given to long time YouSMP members & streamers.

The gamemode will be survival and i plan to expand the server with InfernalMobs which will add another level of difficulty to the gamemode. Once this is done we will activate the life system and the plan is you need to slay an infernal mob to gain life or liveparts. More information about this as it is beeing developped.

You can request a whitelist on our discord server.

With regards ,


RE: YouCraft V2 - unimatrix999 - 02-05-2022

The whitelist has been removed. ( update )

RE: YouCraft V2 - deegab08 - 03-23-2023

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RE: YouCraft V2 - hslxxxx - 03-24-2023

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RE: YouCraft V2 - iqrakhan - 03-28-2023

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