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Twitch Streamers needed - unimatrix999 - 07-05-2021

Dear users ,

With the loss of our main streamer for our server we are in dire need of a team of streamers who can call our server their home. If you are a streamer or know of one please ask them to join the website or discord and have a chat with us so we can work together to build a nice server community.

Streamers prefered requirements :
  • 100+ followers
  • 16+
  • play atleast 1-2 days on the server
What we offer :
  • Your subscribers get a custom rank and permissions of your choosing ( nothing to overpowered ofc )
  • Your subscribers get access to our Sub Server
  • Custom keys for you & your subscribers.
And more can be negotiated ofc.

Discord :
website :

YouSMP Team