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Horizon Forbidden West Introduces Upgraded Performance Mode - nrellgent - 06-16-2022

Horizon Forbidden West, the exceptionally expected continuation of 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn, released back in February 2022. While it might have been to some degree eclipsed by the release of Elden Ring, Guerrilla Games' most recent title was viewed as one more victory for the studio, with review scores for Horizon Forbidden West reflecting that positive feeling. Following the release of Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games has continued to help the title with consistent updates as well, trying to work on the game.

The updates for Horizon Forbidden West have come in different forms, with some being new content fixes that carry surprise additions to the game like a New Game Plus mode. Different updates are more expected bug fixes that arrangement with performance and visual issues. Horizon Forbidden West's latest fix, 1.16, falls on the side of the last option, as it tries to manage some visual and performance gives the game has had since send off. In particular, fix 1.16 fixes a portion of the more tireless issues that created some issues with those playing in the 60 FPS performance mode of the game.

As per Horizon Forbidden West players, there was a consistent issue in the 60 FPS mode of the game that would give a "shimmery" hope to items and foliage, which caused numerous to revert to 30 FPS. There were changes to the picture quality in fix 1.07, yet these didn't tackle the issues with the 60 FPS performance mode. Guerrilla's second endeavor to fix the visual bugs in Horizon Forbidden West has demonstrated significantly more fruitful.

As per Guerrilla Senior Principal Tech Programmer Giliam de Carpentier, the solution to the bugs in Horizon Forbidden West lay in significantly having an impact on how against associating was used. A "new AA method" was utilized in fix 1.16, which basically removed all of the shining impacts. While this has further developed the 60 FPS mode of the game, Horizon Forbidden West's 4K quality mode might have endured a shot in fix 1.16, as there are reports of a new absence of visual precision, meaning basically that the 4K version doesn't look as great as it used to.

Nonetheless, Guerrilla Games is a long way from done with its updates for Horizon Forbidden West. As well as the enormous update to special visualizations, Horizon Forbidden West could see VRR Support in future patches, alongside a new 40 FPS mode that will consolidate the nature of the 4K mode with the speedier casing pace of the 60 FPS performance mode.