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Youcraft update #patch 4

We have added ChestPlusPlus to the YouCraftSMP

[Image: f35755ea342c742c9a8ce00f8c3fc8f099293f65...382e706e67]
  • Ability to link multiple chests together across the entire server to be accessed from anywhere!
  • Use Hoppers to filter items from chests using hoppers!
  • Setup Auto-Crafting Tables to automatically craft items from the inventory above!
  • Silk Touch can pick up ChestLinks and AutoCraft stations!
  • Displays the most common item in a chest on the front of it!
  • Build cool auto smelting/sorting systems!
  • Remotely open chests with a nice menu system!
[b]How to Create Linked Chests:[/b]

  1. Add a Chest using /chestlink add <group> or simply write the ChestLink format on a sign placed on a Chest! [Image: 591092298d1e141305717f660d38599d55b2484b...d67fb9.png]
  2. Open a chest as you normally would! or use /chestlink open or /chestlink menu to open the chest remotely!
  3. Each chest that gets added to that group will share the same inventory with all other chests in that group!
Note the /chestlink command can be replaced with /cl for convenience.
[b]How to Create Auto-Crafting Stations:[/b]
  • Add a Crafting Table using /autocraft add <group> or simply write the AutoCraft format on a sign placed on a Crafting Table!
[Image: 20db46f380c374bf40ecbadb41a82d295e7416f3...TeUOvX.png]
  • Open the Crafting Table and create your recipe (This requires at least one of each item and it won't use that item up!)
  • Once you have a valid recipe the table will notify you with a chime, at this point if the recipe has different variations such as wood type they will start to animate in the crafting grid.
  • To start crafting, a Chest (or any block with a valid inventory such as Furnaces, Barrels, Shulker Boxes, Hoppers etc) must be placed either on top or on any of the 3 sides not including the front.
  • Next, place a hopper underneath the Crafting Table and AutoCrafting will start automatically.
  • Alternatively, place a Chest or any other inventory block underneath the Crafting Table and apply a redstone signal to it.

[b]Torch AutoCraft Example:[/b]

The following configurations work to AutoCraft torches with either a Hopper, or a chest underneath! [Image: 623f06b542f13a8684d3c2e87b2b88b7fbb78a88...pgNWLy.png]
[b]Hopper Filters[/b]
  • Hoppers can have filters applied to them so that they only accepted or reject certain items.
  • To add a filter to a Hopper you simply place an item frame on top or on any of its sides, and then place the item you would like to filter in it.
  • Currently there are four types of filters that can be enabled by rotating the item in the Item Frame.
    1. 0° Default - The Hopper will only accept this item. (Note multiple filters can be used on a hopper.)
    2. 45° Rejection Mode - The Hopper will prevent this item from being accepted but will accept other items.
    3. 90° Type-Acceptance - The Hopper will accept items that are of the same type, e.g Enchanted Books, Enchanted weapons, Potions etc.
    4. 135° Type-Rejection - The Hopper will reject all items that would normally be accepted in the filter above, so similar types are rejected.
    [Image: cb78bb753a55d5cda93f269c5cb1dc772d47f21b...U1rlxq.png]
Example Sorting System:

[Image: 2af360ef73117a7a8455c6dc0759343a51ea9d6e...NlMOiO.png]

Sorting Multiple Items:

[Image: dd9790c3ce65d9bde10fdd0be7b7e7c792ae7161...iEZ6ic.png]

Inventory Menu:

[Image: 353d44997d92c8822ea4863a71e579fa50c5e306...tpFBYm.png]

ChestLink Commands - [b]/chestlink or /cl are accepted.[/b]
  • /chestlink add "Create/add a chest to a ChestLink group"

  • /chestlink remove "Delete a ChestLink and drop its inventory at your feet!"

  • /chestlink open "Open the inventory of a ChestLink group"

  • /chestlink menu "Open the ChestLink menu to display all groups!"

  • /chestlink help "List of commands and their uses!"

  • /chestlink list "Lists all ChestLinks that you own!"

  • /chestlink member [add/remove ] or
    • "Add, remove or list members of a group"
    • /chestlink member [add-to-all/remove-from-all] "Add/Remove a player to all of your ChestLinks"

    • /chestlink setpublic <true/false> "Set a ChestLink to be accessible by anyone."

    • /chestlink rename "Rename a ChestLink."

    • /chestlink sort "Set the sorting option for the given ChestLink."
    AutoCraft Commands - [b]/autocraft or /ac are accepted.[/b]
    • /autocraft add "Create/add a Crafting Table to an AutoCraft group"

    • /autocraft remove "Delete an AutoCraft group and drop all the Crafting Tables!"

    • /autocraft open "Open the workbench of an AutoCraft group"

    • /autocraft help "List of commands and their uses!"

    • /autocraft list "Lists all AutoCraft groups that you own!"

    • /autocraft member [add/remove ] or
      • "Add, remove or list members of a group"
      • /autocraft member [add-to-all/remove-from-all] "Add/Remove a player to all of your AutoCraft groups"

      • /autocraft setpublic <true/false> "Set an AutoCraft group to be accessible by anyone."

      • /autocraft rename ""Rename an AutoCraft group."

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