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Form submission: Ban Appeal

Minecraft username: Eyepopaya06

Banreason: Hacking

Quote:Look , I admit to x-raying , but it was 5 minutes and I only got like 6 netherite , I never new how to install those type of stuff , so I looked up a tutorial today and when I logged onto the server I taught 'lets give it a try'
Quote:But the whole time it felt wrong and then when blitzel banned me , my heart dropped.Bc every morning when I wake up ,I play on that server . And I couldn't imaging not being able to play with all of the brilliant people on the server . Ik u probably think I am just saying this to get unbanned , but I'm not . Now I totally understand if ye do not unban me , since sometimes I can get annoying , and even I get mad at myself after that , but it is just human errors . Even if u don't want me on rn , I am happy to be unbanned in a week, month,year even decade ,bc that is how long I would wait to join the buetiful skilled builders on the server . I will gladly give u all my netherite and all my money when I join , and I am happy to tale another comsicuence. But ty so much blitzle for teaching me a lesson.


+1 for using the proper appeal tool

Appeal Approved.

Now this is your 1 and only appeal if you do anything wrong at all from this point on you will be banned and it will be permanent. we dont make a habbit of giving hackers an unban, So in this case you are lucky but this is also a warning to other hackers nextime you wont be unbanned

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