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Youcraft update #patch 1

Dear yousmp users ,

We have added two plugins to YouCraft, namely Stargate & Infernal mobs.

Stargate :

You create a standard nether portal but do not light it, Add a sign to the right hand sign :

   O  O - These are Obsidian blocks (use Sea Lanterns if underwater). You need 10.
   ■  ■ - Place a sign on either of these two blocks with the format shown in Sign Layout.
   O  O

Sign Layout

Line One: Gate Name
What this gate will be called.
  • Has a limit of 12 Characters.

Line Two: Destination Name [OPTIONAL]
Where you gate goes.
  • Has a limit of 12 Characters.
  • If Provided:
    • The Gate Name of the portal you intend on traveling to.
    • Has a limit of 12 Characters.
  • If Omitted
    • The gate will become a Networked Gate that can be used (through a GUI) to access any (accessible) gate within the network on which it was created.

Line Three: Network Name [OPTIONAL]
The group of portals this gate belongs to.
  • Has a limit of 12 Characters
  • If Provided:
    • Defines the network the portal operates on, which implies the following.
      • This gate can only be used as a destination (fixed portals) if the paired portal is on the same network.
      • This gate will (by default) appear on any networked or random portals using the same network.
      • If this gate is a networked or random portal, it will be able to access any portal on the provided network.
  • If Omitted:
    • Functions in a similar way as provided, but substitutes the network with either:
      • If the created user has permission to use the default network (by default central), it will be used.
      • Else, if the user has permission to use a personal network, (their username), that will be used.
      • Else, if none of the above options are available, creating the gate will be denied.

Line Four: Option Flags [OPTIONAL]
Any unique properties of this portal; notwithstanding restrictions (to be mentioned), any combination of the following flags is acceptable (including no flags):
  • a Always-on gate (the gate is always on)
    • Must have a fixed destination
    • By default, do not appear on the network list.
  • h Hidden gate (the gate isn't accessible to its network)
  • p Private gate (only certain players can use this gate)
  • f Free gate (any defined costs do not apply)
  • b Backwards gate (you exit from the back)
  • s Showing gate (the gate shows on the network list).
    • Only applies to Always-on gates.
  • r Random gate (a networked gate that chooses a destination at random).
    • Must be always-on (strictly speaking, this is a subtype of always-on-networked gate).
  • u Marks gate as cross-server (bungee)
    • Will connect to gates on the same network but on a different (connected) server.

Infernal mobs :

Infernal mobs will spawn all around the server , they will have a boss bar and should be avoided if you do not have the gear to fight them.

[Image: 58f4548f0ad8bc5470078bc8e60cbe41f536f508...HAAk66.png]

Divining Rod:

[Image: 3fa2a44be70173c7121fafcce5c44a10d6019bc8...Lt9mF1.png]

The divining rod can be used when you are near an infernal mob.
It will take a blaze powder, then point you in the direction of the nearest mob. It will show you a line of particles pointed at the mob.
This rod only works if you are near one of the mobs.

  • Poisonous: Gives player the poison effect.
  • Armoured: Give mobs full diamond armour or a resistance effect.
  • Blinding: Gives player the blindness effect.
  • Withering: Gives player the withering effect.
  • Tosser: Tosses the player around.
  • Thief: Steals the item the player is holding.
  • Quicksand: Gives player the slowness effect.
  • Bullwark: Takes less damage.
  • Rust: Damages the tool the player is holding.
  • Sapper: Gives player the hunger effect.
  • 1up: Has 2 lives.
  • Cloaked: Is invisible.
  • Ender: Can teleport.
  • Ghastly: Shoots fireballs.
  • Lifesteal: Gets health from damaging player.
  • Sprint: Can go fast.
  • Storm: Strikes the player with lightning.
  • Webber: Makes a web at the players feet.
  • Vengeance: Gives damage from being hit.
  • Weakness: Gives player the weakness effect.
  • Berserk: Damages the player more, but takes damage from attacking.
  • Explode: Explodes on death.
  • Potions: Throws harmful potions at the player.
  • Mama: Has a slim chance to spawn three babies of its type.
  • Molten: Is immune to fire/lava, starts a fire on death and lights the player on fie.
  • Archer: Randomly shoots a volley of arrows at player.
  • Necromancer: Shoots wither skulls.
  • Firework: Fireworks explode from mob when hit.
  • Gravity: Levitates the player for a while.
  • Flying: Mob can fly.
  • Mounted: Riding on another mob.
  • Morph: Can infrequently morph into another infernal mob.
  • Ghost: On death a ghost is spawned.
  • Confusing: Gives player the confusion effect.

with regards ,


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