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Towny help

Towny is used on the server to provide protection of your buildings. You can join other players to work together and keep all of your belongings protected. This post will include basic commands needed to create a town, add money to the bank, and claim area around the town.

To make a town Use command /town create name so the command should look like this 
ex. /town create MegaCity

To delete a town you made you can do /town delete name
ex. /town delete MegaCity

To add money to the town back use command /town deposit amount. you can also withdrawal money from the town bank.
ex.  /town deposit 1000
ex. /town withdraw 1000

To claim and area around your town you must be standing in an area that is claimed by your town. From the position you can claim a radius using either /town claim circle radius or /town claim rect radius. 
ex.  /town claim circle 5 
ex.  /town claim rect 5
*You will only be able to claim that area if you have enough town blocks.
If you want to claim your area manually one block at a time you can move to each town block that borders your already claimed blocks and do /town claim. if you wish to unclaim a block do /town unclaim it works just as claiming does. 
ex. /town unclaim rect 5
ex. /town unclaim circle 5
ex. /town unclaim all
ex. /town unclaim

By doing /towny map you can see all the town blocks you have claimed and where the edge of you town is.  You can buy more claimable town blocks by doin /town buy bonus. after typing in this command it will require you to confirm your purchase of the bonus blocks by pressing /confirm. 
*This command required you have money in the town to be able to buy these blocks. Each bonus block cost 25$ of the in-game money.
ex. /towny map

ex. /town buy bonus 5

After you have your town set up the way you want you can set a town spawn for where people in your town will teleport to. so if you set up a chest shop at your towns spawn area. your residents can use /town spawn to get them to that point. 
ex. /town set spawn
ex. /town spawn

You don't have to have a town by yourself. You can add your friends to play as well. To add people to your town type /town add name. This will allow your friends to build and interact in the area that is claimed. if you don't want someone in your town anymore because they are causing trouble you can do /town kick name. 
*Be sure that they get all of their stuff first or give it to them after
ex. /town add minecraftsteve
ex. /town kick minecraftsteve

If you joined a town early on and now want to start a new town or join someone else's do /town leave. this allows you to leave the town you were in so you can join another or create your own.
ex. /town leave

You can send announcements to the residents of your town. 
ex. /town say hi

Lastly if you'd like mobs to spawn in your town or if you'd like to turn it back off you can change that setting for your town.
ex. /town toggle mobs on
ex. /town toggle mobs off

Thank you very much and enjoy the server!  Big Grin
IcyWolverine MC-Admin

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