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There are many surefire ways to obtain Copper in Back 4 Blood

Copper is the in-game currency that players can use to make purchases in Back 4 Blood.There are several useful ways that players can spend Copper. It can be spent on upgrade items, weapons, or cards that can help improve the skills of the Cleaners used to take on the undead.

Copper can be found in many spots across levels in varying sums. A few spots copper can be found are inside vehicles, buildings, or inside stash rooms. When a player gathers copper, that gathered sum is granted to all players in the party as opposed to being parted between individuals.

Learn to recognize copper
First, get used to spotting copper. It’s not always easy to see, especially if you are focusing on signs of zombies nearby or other items to pick. Copper generally looks like a small pile of scrap, and up close resembles a collection of the cog-like copper symbol used in the menu screen. Like other items, copper will be highlighted if you get close and take a look at it — but since it’s a bit smaller than other items, it can be harder to notice.

One important note: When you pick up copper, it’s automatically shared among all teammates. That means only one person on your team has to find the copper for everything to benefit. This can be important when planning copper strategies.

To boost the amount of Copper being gained, players can use different cards. These provide a special ability to Cleaners, and a lot of them help gather Copper in Back 4 Blood.

Here is every card that modifies Copper gain in some way:

    Bounty Hunter: When the player or a teammate kills a Mutation, gain 10 Copper, up to 300 per level
    Compound Interest: Each Cleaner gains 5% of their total Copper in each Saferoom
    Copper Scavenger: Players can sense nearby Copper, and more piles spawn
    Fortune: Gain 50 Copper just for starting a level
    Hazard Pay: Gain 250 Copper at the start of each level
    Lucky Pennies: Whenever a team member loots Copper, there is a 35% chance that 35% more Copper will be collected
    Money Grubbers: Each time someone loots Copper, three additional Copper is gained, and it stacks up to 25 times
    Share the Wealth: Each teammate gets 100 bonus Copper at the start of a level
    Stealthy Passage: Gain 25 Copper with each successful disarming of an alarm
    Hired Gun: Each kill grants 1 Copper, up to 500 for each Hired Gun card in play
    Windfall: Each Cleaner gains 150 Copper
    Blood Samples: Find and bring the Specimen Container to the end of the level and earn 500 Copper
    Boss Mutation: Defeat the Boss, complete the level in the time limit, and earn 500 Copper
    Cut the Red Wire: Complete the level within the time limit without triggering birds, Snitches, Car Alarms, or Door Alarms to earn 500 Copper
    Hasty Exit: Complete the level within the time limit with all Cleaners alive to earn 500 Copper
    No One Left Behind: Complete the level with all Cleaners alive to earn 500 Copper
    Safety First: Complete the level without any Cleaner being incapacitated more than four times for 500 Copper
    Silence is Golden: Complete the level without triggering any birds, Snitches, Car Alarms, or Door Alarms for 500 Copper
    Speed Run: Complete the level in the time limit to earn 500 Copper

In addition to all of the cards that help with the Copper collection, the Embezzler gun has the "Death and Taxes" effect that generates up to 10 Copper whenever the gun deals the final blow to a Ridden.

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